Besakih Temple

Pura Besakih, known as the ‘Mother Temple’, is the island’s largest and most important Hindu temple, and is situated on the slopes of Gunung Agung, Bali’s tallest and holiest mountain and dwelling place of the gods. This most venerated site in Bali is actually a complex of three temple compounds characterised by thatched pagoda roofs above quilted terraces of rice. Here, hundreds of devout Hindus in colourful ceremonial dress – the women carrying huge pyramids of fruit and flower offerings on their heads – can be seen solemnly climbing a giant stairway to pay homage to the gods, in an atmosphere thick with the scent of burning incense. Outside the confines of the temple complex is a plethora of souvenir and food stalls where hawkers and guides offer their services to the daily influx of visitors.

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